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Sugar 0.86 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Release Manager for the Sugar 0.86 Release.

Complete Name Summary Updated
100% Ad Hoc Networking Allows users to connect with each other over wireless in an ad hoc manner without infrastructure like an Access Point. 2009-09-19
100% Metacity Switch window manager from Matchbox to Metacity. 2009-08-14
100% Improved Accessibility Switch some parts of Sugar to use Gtk+ widgets instead of HippoCanvas, which has no accessibility support. 2009-07-15
100% Keyboard Control Panel Section Keyboard layout and model configuration support in the Control Panel 2009-08-19
100% New Toolbar Design Redesign the activity toolbar to not use tabs and use toolbar buttons that can reveal secondary functionality instead. 2009-09-19
100% Tabs in Browse Pages to be opened in new windows are opened in a small popup window without any controls at the moment. This feature opens those pages in a new tab inside the activity window. 2009-07-15
100% Flash Activities Allow developers to create activities using Flash tools. 2009-07-15
100% Sugar Update Control ASLO Modify the existing Sugar Update Control to pull from ASLO instead of the wiki.laptop.org 2009-08-14

Feature Process

  • The process for adding, proposing, and accepting new features into Sugar is on the Features/Policy page.
  • The deadline for proposing and completing new features is the Feature Freeze on the 0.86 Schedule
  • See this compilation of Feature testing pages, 0.86/Testing.
  • Feature pages in process but not targeted for a particular release can be found in Category:Feature Page Incomplete