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We are planning a book sprint this fall for create a user's guide for Sugar. Please add add you comment and concerns here or on the discussion page.


Austin, Texas
Anne investigating


25–29 August 2008

Scope of documentation for sprint

Audience: Basic Users Guide. Advanced Guide will follow after the Sprint

Draft Outline

Getting Started Guide for the file system, wireless connections, everything you do without Activities. Walter Bender has started with User:Walter/sandbox, which points out where the Floss Manual can be updated to be hardware-free (for example, his annotations with OLPC-XO-1-specific hints for keyboard shortcuts and specifics for the OLPC-XO-1 hardware). Updates should be made to

Getting Started with an Activity for specific Activities, such as Browse and Record. A starter manual for the Record activity can be found at Priorities needed for which Activities to start first.

Recruited/invited writers (expect about 5-6 in person)

Austin, Texas
Anne Gentle
David Cramer
Janet Swisher
Boston, Ma
Seth Woodworth
Walter Bender
Illinois (Chicago area)
Mel Chua
Emily Kaplan
Other locations
Adam Hyde - Netherlands
David Farning - Wisconsin
Greg DeKoenigsberg - Raleigh NC
Robert Nagle - Houston
Ron Hale-Evans - Seattle


Create a users manual for Sugar.

Road Map

Below is a rough draft of a project schedule.

  • Week 1 - Target Date July 13. Define scope of document. Assign volunteers to specific tasks.
  • Week 3 - Target Date July 27. Deadline for outlines of chapters to be worked on at sprint.
  • Week 5 - Target Date Aug 25. Conduct sprint.
  • Week 6 - Editing and Translation Begins

The rest is based on the chosen release date for the spring release of Sugar.

  • Week 0 - Release Final documentation
  • Week -1 Final translation tarballs due
  • Week -4 Documentation freeze
  • Week -5 Book Sprint II