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Users Manual

Please see Book Sprint for information on a up comming book sprint.

The weakest link in many open source software projects is documentation. Writing effective documentation is hard. Rather than attempting to start from scratch creating our own documentation team, Sugar Labs has chosen to work with with FLOSS manuals to create the Sugar user documentation.

In many Open Source Software Projects, writers struggle valiantly in an environment that is designed to produce code not prose. FLOSS Manuals is a community of writers who create documentation for Free and Open Source Projects. Acknowledging that fact, we encourage interested contributors to become involved in the FLOSS Manual community rather then contribute directly to Sugar Labs user documentation.

Their excellent getting started guide is at OLPC simple.

Works in progress are listed in the Documentation Team/KnowledgeBase .

Work In Progress, WIP

Currently, there are various 'works in progress' that we would like to combine into the definitive guide.

Topic Ideas

  • Setup a development environment. With and without jhbuild.
  • "Write your activity" tutorial. It should include:
    • graphic controls,
    • datastore,
    • collaboration.

Programing reference

Documentation Team/API_Documentation