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Users looking for a Sugar Labs account should go to Service/Account.


Ask users to follow diligently the Service/shell#Requesting_a_shell_account procedure.

Users should briefly motivate their request. A sufficient justification could be: "I have these Sugar-related files that I'd like to distribute on".

Shell accounts shouldn't be granted to untrusted individuals without referrals. Shell accounts that are known to be unused should be disabled with system-userdel.

Account creation on

To create an account, become root on Machine/sunjammer and type:

system-useradd <username> <first_name> <last_name> <email>
  • Note that accents in the first_name or last_name would break the script.
  • NOTE: You have to become root with 'sudo -i'. Prefixing the command with sudo won't work because it doesn't switch $HOME to /root, which is necessary to make the ldap commands source /root/.ldaprc.

At some point the script will prompt you to paste the user's ssh key. You can skip this part and edit ~user/.ssh/authorized_keys manually.

The procedure automatically sends a welcome email to the user. The email is also copied to ~user/welcome, in case they loose the original message.

Adding accounts on other machines

Please do not create accounts directly with useradd! Instead, copy the existing credentials from sunjammer:

  • Log into sunjammer, forwarding your ssh keys with the ssh-agent:
ssh -A sunjammer
  • Run this shell script to create a user and copy the credentials from sunjammer:
remote-useradd <remotehost> <user> <groups...>

Needless to say, remote-useradd requires your ssh key to be already installed in the remote server.

Typically, you'll want to add users to groups sudo, adm, libvirtd and docker.

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