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To land new versions of glucose and new activities in the Sugar builds we need to:

A way to handle it in a distributed way and ensure it's done consistently is:

  • Ensure that every fix or new feature is associated with a trac ticket and that the git log for each of the related commits contain a reference to the bug.
  • Before closing the ticket make sure that it contains a comment with the test case (mark it by inserting a keyword in the text so that it can be extracted automatically.
  • When releasing a module, use a script to automatically generate the NEWS from the ticket references in the git log and the test cases (git log -> ticket -> test case). Put both in the release announcement.
  • Decide which modules to land together. Get the test cases from the release announcement and create a page in the wiki. Ask volunteers to execute them and report the problems they find.
  • Negotiate with the release manager on the base of the testing data