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=Sugar Labs Roadmap=
=Sugar Labs Roadmap=
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Sugar Labs Roadmap

The Sugar Labs Roadmap provides a system for all of the individuals and organizations who develop and deploy the Sugar Learning Platform to coordinate their schedules and work flows.

The defining feature of the roadmap is the Release. Approximately every six months, Sugar Labs releases a updated version of the Sugar Learning Platform. Time based releases are effective methods for coordinating the efforts of loosely organized organizations without introducing excessive amounts of managerial overhead.

Release dates up to and including .86 have been determined by the development team. Starting with .88, the release schedule will be determined by the Sugar Labs oversight board.

Mission, Vision, Values

See this Community news post from 10-Mar-2009, ...our “Big Overarching Vision Goals for 2009”...

We will continue to refine our mission, vision, and values. They represent our public.

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| Sugar on a Stick | Math4Team | Sugar Summer Program | Category:Supported systems |

The Sucrose 0.84 release is now official! Simon Schampijer and Tomeu Vizoso have put together comprehensive release notes (See 0.84 Release Notes). The long list of new features is impressive.

Within the next few days, Sugar 0.84 packages will be available on Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu. Next, we need to push Sugar into the derivative distributions. This makes Sugar available everywhere. Rather then sell Sugar ourselves, we want to make it worth the distributions' while to sell Sugar.


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With the availability of Sugar everywhere, teachers and parents can use Sugar to help their kids learn.

Quality Assurance

| Education Team | Sugar Kids QA Team | BugSquad | Design Team | Development Team |

As the number of Sugar users grows, we need to use their feedback to improve Sugar, both technically, and educationally.


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Date Topic Task Notes
31 Oct 2008 Distribution Sugar 0.82 in Ubuntu 8.10
31 Oct 2008 Distribution Sugar in Fedora See http://sdz.fedorapeople.org/olpc/sugar-spin.iso
31 Oct 2008 Infrastucture Move email hosting to Gmail