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Sugar on a Stick

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Soas-quandong.svg Sugar on a Stick v7 Quandong

  • Last version released May 29, 2012
download Quandong (32-bit build)
download Quandong (64-bit build)

Soas-pineapple.svg Sugar on a Stick v6 Pineapple

released 09 November 2011
download Pineapple (32-bit build)
download Pineapple (64-bit build)

Soas-coconut.svg Sugar on a Stick v5 Coconut

released 09 October 2011
download Coconut (32-bit build)
download Coconut (64-bit build)

Soas-mango-lassi.png Sugar on a stick v4 Mango Lassi

released 02 November 2010
download Mango Lassi (32-bit build)
download Mango Lassi (64-bit build)

Soas-mirabelle-logo.png Sugar on a stick v3 Mirabelle

released 25 May 2010
i686 (32-bit build)
x86_64 (64-bit build)

Logo SoaS 02.png Sugar on a Stick v2 Blueberry

released 03 December 2009

Logo SoaS 01.png Sugar on a Stick v1 Strawberry

released 22 June 2009

Spins Archives
(Burn the .iso to a CD and Boot with the resulting CD)

Fedora Mirrors List

SoaS installation variations

A collection of install methods

Installation test Cases

  • Fedora 17 Test Cases

A Non-Live (uncompressed file system) image

This is an example of a dd writable SoaS-v2.img file which produces a fully functional Conventional install on a USB. This is equivalent to a liveinst install to USB disk.
It was first suggested by bernie in early 2010 as a better alternative to the currently used live USB SoaS file systems with their fragile and limited sized overlay,
  • This functionality is expected to be included in Fedora 18.
  • This can also be realized by entering "liveinst" in root sugar terminal.
This is the Anaconda installer for live file systems which installs to the USB disk with a normal install.
Approximately 2 times as large a USB stick is required (4 GB minimum) as a compressed file system and an overlay are not used.

Category:Live USB

A collection of links on how Live USB images are used in different distributions.