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This tutorial requires a special version of Sugar.

Send file from Sugar Journal


Introduction to the Sugar Interface
Connecting to the Internet
Chatting with the Chat Activity
Chatting with the IRC Activity
Copy with drag & drop
Send a file to a friend
Backup & restore Journal
Capturas de pantalla
Introducción a la interfaz de Azúcar
Conexión a Internet
Charlando con la Actividad Chat
Charlando con la Actividad IRC
Copia con un simple arrastrar y soltar
Install SoaS in VirtualBox
Install SoaS in VMware Player
Import a VirtualBox Appliance
Importar un aparato de VirtualBox
Install with liveinst
Instalar con liveinst
Install & use liveusb-creator
Netinstall Fedora with Sugar Desktop
Burn a CD.iso on a Mac
  1. Files sent between XO-1 (os508dx-Dextrose2) and XO-1.5 (os874) and a VirtualBox 4.1 for OS X install of Trisquel 5.0-sugar [1] on a MacBook Pro i7 Satellit and ajay_ in #sugar IRC 15:28, 27 December 2011 (EST)
  2. .txt and .pdf file sent from Ubuntu 10.10 sweets distribution 0.88.1 (VirtualBox 4.1 for Ubuntu 10.04) and Fedora 17 SoaS i686 (tools_livecd-iso-to-disk.sh installed) persistent USB stick --Satellit 21:26, 3 March 2012 (EST)
[1] Ubuntu 11.04 with sweets-distribution sugar 0.94.1, which has some Dextrose features.
all screen-shots from XO-1.5 (os874)
  • Find your friend's XO avatar in the Neighborhood view. In your friend's pop-up palette menu select Make friend.
Use the search text box in the Neighborhood view tool bar to find a known XO avatar name.
(+) Make friend

Make friend.png

  • Click on the Journal icon in the Sugar Frame.
Click on the item you want to send:
Wait for the pop-up palette menu; click on send to, and select the friend you established in the previous step
  • (The drop down does not <alt> + 1 take a screen shot while it is activated - so it is not shown here.)
==> Note a Red Arrow will appear on the left side of the receiving system's Sugar Frame,
and then in the upper Sugar Frame when the Activity is running, where the user has to accept the transfer, before it is transmitted into the Journal in Sugar.
  • Point the mouse at a corner of the screen/window and wait for the Frame to extend.
  • Here the Frame view shows the file was sent from the XO-1.5 to the XO-1
The Red arrow icon drop-down palette indicates a file was received also.

XO-15 Trans to Journal 1.png

  • Here in the Home view, the Red Arrow icon drop-down palette shows that a file was received into the Journal from the XO-1 to the XO-1.5

XO-15Home send to.png

  • This is a nice way to share files.